New Layout

I’m just started using a new layout, so sorry if the older posts look odd! (I don’t want to go though and fix all the spacing). I like the way the tags are on the left side of the post now, easier access to see other similar posts 🙂


I’m also going to stop posting step-by-step photos because they take up a lot of space and I don’t want to pay for this website. If something is difficult or the result of adding an ingredient makes it look odd (i.e pancake batter should look lumpy but most people want to keep mixing it, I’d post a picture of it being lumpy) I’ll post a picture then.


New Spot!

Hello all,

This is the new home of my Oven-lovin’. Google told me I ran out of room for pictures (I’m not sure why, given the image below) so I moved! Friends had told me this was better anyway.

You can still see old recipes at or or .kr including the ones that have been the most popular over time: Oreo and Peanut Butter Cupcakes and Peanut M&M Cupcakes, Rum and Coke Cupcakes, Creamed Onions, Potato, Chickpea and Cashew Curry and, Tomato, Zucchini and Eggplant Tian.
New posts will be up here soon!